Dominium - Own Your Future

Dominium was launched in 2007 under the belief that innovation in employee health and well-being programs can help companies find success. We empower our clients to make smart business decisions—establishing healthier, more productive cultures with stronger outputs and larger profits for years to come.


Solving Problems Together

We listen. Start conversations. Work with you instead of independently of you. We help you determine your goals and, more importantly, we help you reach them. Our partnerships are rooted in value, not the whims of outside influences, and we combine these values with industry acumen and ongoing innovation to bring you an integrated, results-driven approach to benefits consulting.


We Succeed When You Succeed

At Dominium, it’s not about us. It’s about putting 100% of our focus on helping you maximize the power of your own vision. It’s about understanding that employee health and well-being is a performance driver, not an incremental cost. And it’s about offering you the next generation of consulting from the next generation of talent. We take the best of big firm offerings—talent, data, technology and know-how—and apply these characteristics to a privately-held organization that consistently exceeds expectations through superior strategy, solutions and services.


Creating Tomorrow’s Solutions Today

Dominium is changing the industry. We look outside the parameters to create more opportunities for your business—and more ways to deliver benefits to your employees. By constantly innovating simple and measurable solutions to complex healthcare issues, we are establishing a new normal amid the ever-changing landscape of employee engagement, health and economics. As no one solution fits every company, we are dedicated to finding the right formula—providing the flexibility and creativity to meet your needs today, tomorrow and into the future.


We Stand By Our Word

How do we practice what we promise? It’s simple. We are guided by a belief system that holds us accountable to our clients, our employees and our community. These ten principles drive the way we do business: Integrity, Value Creation, Principled Entrepreneurship, Client Focus, Humility, Respect, Results, Knowledge, Compliance and Innovation. At Dominium, our culture places greater emphasis on these attributes—rather than experience or skill sets—and we have been able to assemble the brightest talent with the biggest hearts in the industry.


Adding Value, Not Cost

In a world where large consulting firms operate as publicly-traded enterprises, Dominium stands out by being objective, independent and focused on clients rather than shareholders. Our team averages 15 years of industry tenure and we come from different healthcare backgrounds. We understand the market—what works and what doesn’t. Our experience allows us to see clearly, ask the right questions and find meaningful answers to your healthcare problems.